Saturday, July 08, 2006

Calgary Firm Looks to Buy Thirsty Thursday Club

A Calgary firm is interested in buying the famed Thirsty Thursday Club, with intentions of moving them to Calgary to support the Flames hockey team. Fans in Calgary have been demanding drastic measures after watching rival Edmonton make it to the Stanley Cup finals this past season.

Thirsty Thursday Club President Jeff Andreoli could not comment on the proposed deal, but said if the sale did go through, "we'd have some serious work to do. I mean we'd all have to go to voice augmentation school in order to be heard in the much bigger, more crowded Saddledome (home of the Flames). Also, we'd have to do our homework to learn the rules and players of the NHL in order to heckle to our fullest potential."

Other members of the Club also would not comment, but a close source said most of the Club is "ecstatic" about the possible move. Although the sale has been agreed to in principle, details of the contract still need to be worked out. For example, will the Club buy beers for an American dollar or a Canadian Loonie? Also, it has been said that Andreoli is adamant about not being served Molson or Kokanee brand beer. Andreoli has also requested 4 female bartenders from Cowboys Niteclub to act as the Club's personal servers (2 of the uglier bartenders are pictured above).

White Sox officials fear losing the Club to the Calgary firm and their lucrative offer. "The Club has really made a name for themselves here and are in high demand," said White Sox GM Jim Keough. "I don't think we can match what the Calgary firm is offering, but we are willing to throw in some free hot dogs, if that helps. We are also considering extending the $1 beer promotion until the 6th inning, if we can get the financial support of the big guys in Chicago."
If the sale goes through, the Thirsty Thursday Club will be in Calgary in time for the start of the NHL season. No word yet on a possible replacement in Great Falls, but the White Sox are rumored to be in discussions with members of the Yankee Stadium bleacher creatures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boo.....they dont serve Miller Lite on tap in Canada no way this could be a good idea

1:26 PM  
Blogger Scotty #13 said...

That chick in the middle looks a whole lot like a dude. Is that how the famous Calgary girls look? I hope the Calgary firm is going to buy out my contract here in Great Falls. Uncle Sam can be pretty stingy with his troops.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with the suggestion of a bilingual member of the TT Club. I think you should try to find one that is a midget so he could walk along the third base line wall and heckle or could also conveniently be used as a beer rest when standing to cheer as to not have your beer to far out of reach. You could also sneak them into the game in a backpack or something to conserve money for beer consumption. I think there would be a lot of perks to having a midget aside from those mentioned above. Just the humor factor would be enough.

1:11 PM  

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