Monday, April 23, 2007

2007 Schedule Announced

The Pioneer League Great Falls White Sox have recently released their 2007 schedule, which means we can begin putting in requests for leave on certain Friday's throughout the season.

2007 Thursday Home Games:

21st vs Billings
28th vs Billings

5th vs Missoula
12th vs Ogden

2nd vs Helena
9th vs Casper

The 2007 TTC Road Trip will be to Missoula this year near the end of the season. August 31st and September 1st (Friday and Saturday nights). All members and the friends of the TTC are welcome to attend. The TTC team hotel will be the Red Lion Inn, which is in walking distance to both the stadium and to the bars and clubs downtown, should any of you be willing to brave the streets of Missoula following the game! You’re all encouraged to book early and clear your schedules! Last year’s trip to Helena was a blast and a huge success! There’s nothing better than going into enemy territory and treating it like your own home.

Stay tuned to the site for more updates!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just announced...New for 2007, Thirsty Thursday is seeking new prospects to stumble down off the mound. Great Falls will gain access to the farm team in Waterloo, Iowa.

The farm team will face the challenges of howling heckles at the Mankato MoonDogs and squashing the Alexander Beetles.

The challenge of living up to the standards set by the Great Falls Thirsty Thursday Club will be daunting; but fueled by corn grain-alcohol they'll give it a shot.

Tryouts for the team start soon. So, for all you scouts out in Montana, break out the cardboard beverage holders, pickle flavored sunflower seeds and take note of the rising stars.

5:02 PM  

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