Monday, July 24, 2006

Last Jersey to be Auctioned On EBay

As we head down the home stretch of the season, only 1 Thirsty Thursday Club uniform remains, a size medium, number 10. While many potential members have been vying for this coveted last jersey, Club President Jeff Andreoli has decided to place the item for sale on EBay, an internet auction site. "Yea, I'm taking my chances by putting it up for sale," he said. "Who knows who will win and become a member? We could get some idiot. But the financial gain realized from the sale make it well worth the risk."

Experts are predicting that the jersey will sell for between $1500 and $2000, or more importantly, up to 2000 free beers for the Club. That should be enough to get the Club through 16 2/3 innings at their current pace. Andreoli almost awarded the jersey to a young female who went to the extreme by getting the Club name tattooed on her back (left). "She wasn't bad looking, but she was kind of a butterface. She only came in at a Calgary Scale 6.65 (Great Falls Scale equivalent 9.78), so we had to turn her down. We do appreciate the free advertising though."

Bidding on the jersey will begin at midnight Saturday, and expect a frenzy to ensue. The winner will have to make an appearance at one of the games (at their own expense) and buy a round of brews for the Club.


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