Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sox Break .500

As you may know, our boys recently went off on a 7 game road stint. The good news - besides the fact that we were afforded some important rehydration hours - is they’ve actually been progressing (and playing better baseball, even!). Before their departure we were just a bit concerned about their fragile mental state. Their last road trip was a disaster, but fortunately for the Sox this time around, they faced the league’s worst team – by record anyhow – the Casper Rockies. After spotting the Rockies a win on their first outing, our team rallied and produced back to back wins to bring their overall record to 15-14. In case you’re not too keen on the math, that’s actually a winning record! That’s right, 1 game above .500! While this was a short lived stand in the green side of things, the Sox continue to improve on their play. I mean, heck, they only had 3 errors and numerous base running catastrophes Monday night against Missoula!
In other related news, the concessions manager at Centene Stadium, Eddie Parksdale, informed the Club that they’re considering offering a new microbrew in the stadium. “Well, we’ve been so pleased with our alcohol sales at home games that we thought the only way to improve it would be to offer some new brews,” stated Parksdale. "We’re working on a special ‘Sox Brew.’ It will be a full bodied microbrew, with a citrus-scented aroma and a smooth hoppy aftertaste.” The Thirsty Thursday Club's response was mixed, some favoring the introduction of a beer named after the Sox, and others opposing it. "I just don't see why anyone would want socks in their mouths," quipped #14 Richard Clive.
Parksdale assured Club President Jeff Andreoli that the Club would be afforded a special sampling, to which he replied, “Hey buddy, if it ain’t a light beer I’m not drinking it…I gotta watch my figure.”


Anonymous tommcd#12 said...

Tuesdays 5-0 victory over Missoula, along with Kyle McCullough's 10 big Ks, the night after a Monday heckling/drinking session would offer additional evidence of the long term affects of heckling on the psyche.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Scotty #13 said...

That's what I'm talking about. I almost feel badly about the long term psychological effects. Some of these guys may need to seek therapy after the season...

10:46 PM  

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